The Gristle - Baychimo
Baychimo was a steel-hulled 1,322 ton cargo steamer built in 1914 in Sweden and owned by the Hudson's Bay Company, used to trade provisions for pelts in unit settlements along the Victoria Island coast of the Northwest Terretories of Canada. 
She became a notable ghost ship along the Alaska coast, being abondoned in 1931 and seen numerous times since then until her last sighting 1969.

The Gristle - Urban Myth

Urban Myth. A song about a Swedish priest, Nils Fredsdotter. 1729 in Gislaved. Sweden. In the woods. The kids didn't have horor movies. They had Nils that told them storys about wizards, spells, nightmares, revulsions and terror. This song is about Nils - the priest, and the other side.